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1 week 6 days ago #1012 by DavidLeex
DavidLeex created the topic: Great shopping for Cheap Michael Bowie XL Jerseys & enjoy yourself
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Maria Joao Santos
I don't know why they call these the "value" sheets, like they're cheap or inferior. These are wonderful! They are not thin, they are the same thickness as other crib sheets I have purchased. They are amazingly soft! Generously sized so I don't have to fight to put them on like other sheets I have bought. They actually have room to shrink in the wash. I have only washed them once (no shrinkage!!) so I can't attest to how they hold up after several washings and dryings. Will purchase more if they hold up!
Mervin John Garcia Lalongisip
Super soft sheets for baby's pack n play or for daycare crib mattress. Washes well, color stays perfect and these are the softest sheets available! Never scratchy or rough on baby's skin.
Joe Kohan
Great for practice. They are kind of big but can be used longer.

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